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  • IF Logistik takes care of your cargo from A to Z. This is timesaving and unburdening for you. Especially transports to Eastern Europe may be difficult because of deficient knowledge of native language. Unpleasant delay, even false wind-up could be the result of misunderstanding and you would loose much time and money. The staff of IF Logistik speaks the native languages of the East perfectly and are well versed in habits and mentality. Didn´t you like to profit of the chances on the new market of the East since for a long time? But you hesitate, because you don´t speak Russian?
  • Than you are right with us! Talk with the logistic expert of Eastern Europe now. An essential lowering of cost for you will obtained by:
    – extern logistic department
    – optimizing of routes and tours
    – quick and safe transportation also with sensitive goods
  • Our trucks are according to international regulations. Driver with long-yeared practice in international transport traffic carry your goods.
    Tractor truck: MERCEDES, MAN, VOLVO and SCANIA;
    Lay up trailer with tilt or without, normally with 82 until 120 cubic metres, also cooler, ISO-Thermo, useful load 20 tons and more.
  • The trucks are technical in very good repair and have ADR-equipment. Russian and Baltic drivers are cooperative, very reliable and have special ADR-examination. The drivers are in permanent contact with us on the way. Therefore we can call them everytime and are able to dispose flexibly. We are working together exclusively with reliable assuranced carrier. IF Logistik guarantees you a duly and exact order wind-up, most reasonable deal with your cargo from loading until the consignee in your sense, also CMR-material responsibiltiy of the goods.